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Updated March 2021

What can you expect? 

a slightly more formal 1) Critical review of scientific/medical journal articles 

a slightly more casual chit-chat manner 2) Diary of a medical school life/career

Both are creative outlets for critical-thinking, exploring interests, and noting down stories.   

What is the impetus? 

The Covid-19 (20, and 21 it seems) pandemic has brought a standstill to most parts of the world - shutting down economies, institutions, and schools. Education and work as we know it has been transformed. Medical schools and other MedEd organisations have capitalised on this time to offer a range of distance-learning alternatives: a surfeit of webinars and courses are available to medical students to access, across all specialties and levels. With didactic teaching or case-based discussions forming the core of such teaching, one wonders how we can value-add to the (already saturated) pool of knowledge? 


Medic’s Journal Club is a journal club (and also a journal, in another sense) for medical students (or not) encompassing current research of interest across the specialties. 

Why a journal club?

Keeping up-to-date on current research, understanding, appraising research are vital skillsets for medical students. However, the core modules taught in medical schools (to varying levels of engagement and success) can seem like a one-off application cumulating in project submission. In fact, oftentimes students do not have a chance to apply the journal club skills on a regular albeit smaller basis, refreshing their critical thinking knowledge whilst reading widely.

As such, in a bid to make cultivating good habits easy, I thought that a website that tackles these barriers and fosters a community of well-read critical-thinking medics would be the solution. Stripped of the fearful awe and mind-boggling jargon that high impact journal articles sometimes command but re-representing them in a palatable manner (retaining the quality, of course!)

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How to Navigate

1) Summaries: Here is the meat of the website. It contains excerpts and essence of high-impact journal articles or other noteworthy bite-sized information from a variety of fascinating content-creators and sources. Within this you will also find the entries noting down the author's experience in medicine. 

2) Books: Here you will find our authors' (medical-related) book suggestions.