Endo | Continuous Glucose Monitoring for teens

Isn't everything on a phone app nowadays? With continuous glucose monitoring devices, diabetic patients can track and trend even their own glucose levels on their smartphones. This allows real-time monitoring of glucose levels, allowing patients to better adjust insulin doses and avoid hypoglycaemic attacks. In the adolescent and young adult population, this is particularly important, as their glucose levels tend to fluctuate frequently. Moreover, isn't it apt for these smartphone-clutching teens to rely on an app?

continuous glucose monitoring, T1DM, young adults

Can you think of other diabetic patient groups that may benefit significantly from continuous glucose monitoring?

Elderly diabetic patients, for example, face a high risk of hypoglycaemic unawareness due to cognitive comorbidities. Read more about CGM and its effects on hypoglycaemia in older adults with T1DM here.

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