Paeds | A dialogue on banning corporal punishment

Corporal Punishment, which describes as a physical punishment such as caning, is mainly used to indicate children being disciplined at home or at school. Growing up in Singapore, where there are Chinese familial traditions with Western cultural influence, I have noticed a mixed attitude towards corporal punishment amongst my friends and relatives. As of 2020, 64 countries have banned the use of corporal countries, including Sweden, Japan and South Africa. This article debates the 2 different stands towards corporal punishment, and what can be done to make a ban effective. Taking into consideration your upbringing and the socio-cultural norms in your country, what is your stand on corporal punishment? Is it a necessary and effective discipline method required for 'teaching a child a lesson'? To what extent, would you agree with the use of corporal punishment to discipline your child?

Corporal punishment, hitting, children, parents, ban, legal, abuse, consequences, punishment, spanking, countries, Sweden, Asia

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