Surgery | What can surgery learn from other disciplines?

What's the link between Ferrari and Great Ormond Street Hospital? Find the answer here:

The practice of medicine has long been influenced by other disciplines in ways that we might not be aware of. The use of surgical checklists (think: counting the number of swabs used in surgery or vocalising the operation incision site) now a routine practice was in fact a consequence of the aviation industry's existing practice of using checklists to ensure that every base is covered quickly and concisely. Again, taking inspiration from the aviation industry, the use of simulations has influenced surgeons' training. (Along the same vein, I recently had the chance to try the Oxford Medical Simulation - which uses virtual reality to simulate clinical scenarios. Interesting experience with comprehensive options to explore and intelligent feedback!)

Surgical practices continue to evolve to this day. This infographic synthesises the key points and poses some additional ideas to the relevant question: What can surgery learn from other disciplines?

The original essay was written by Jessica O'Logbon for the 2020 ASiT/Annals of Medicine & Surgery Medical Student Essay Prize 2020. It was awarded the prize.

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O'Logbon, J., 2020. What can surgery learn from other high-performance disciplines?. Annals of Medicine and Surgery, 55, pp.334-337.