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Every aspect of our life seems to be heading inexorably towards a 'smarter' path (think: food supply chains, workplace digitisation, and even the fashion industry (Vogue!) to name a few). Likewise, the healthcare system is seeing a smart evolution gain traction in terms of technological enablement, digitisation, and automation. A host of technologies is already underway: artificial intelligence, precision medicine, 3D printing, nanopharmaceuticals, genomics, virtual reality, telemedicine and more. Read on to find out:

  1. What are the forces shaping this trend?

  2. What is the state of various countries' healthcare systems and their trajectory?

  3. How will a smart hospital look and feel like?

  4. My final thoughts (what are yours too?)

Although this post is primarily based on the McKinsey Insight article, it also draws heavily upon a few other resources which will be linked below. Enjoy!

A related article talking about the digitisation of healthcare can be found here, and on medtech can be found here (ophthamology) and here (artificial intelligence vs clinicians).

Extra reads:

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Cuba success story (very interesting global health read - this is just a taster!): link

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Cover photo from: Key Technologies That Are Making Smart Hospitals Possible Today | SD Global. (2020). Retrieved 30 June 2020, from

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